Firefighters in eastern Newfoundland have been kept busy in the last few days with forest fires, and expect the pace to continue.

Bryant's Cove was evacuated on Sunday afternoon while crews from such towns as Upper Island Cove and Harbour Grace beat down a large blaze.

In the Goulds neighbourhood of St. John's, crews managed on Sunday evening to put out a fire that had been snaking dangerously close to homes.

Crews then travelled to Maddox Cove to put out a fire that started there.

Supt. Don Byrne of the St. John's Regional Fire Department said spring often means fighting fires in wooded and grassy areas.

"It's typical when you get dry grass and you get a hot day and it's still wet underneath," Byrne said.

"What that does is it builds a lot of heat. It's spontaneous [in] a lot of cases."

The fires are under investigation.