People living on Fogo Island are worried about the impact on their community as their only service ferry heads off for repairs for approximately four months.

On Wednesday, the Captain Earl W. Winsor will be taken out of service for maintenance for 12 to 16 weeks.

Phil Barnes, with the Fogo Island Co-op, said there will be inevitable service interruptions while the ferry is out of commission, and that means longer wait times for business.

Barnes said the quality of the fresh fish being shipped on and off the island will be seriously reduced.

"It's not going to be fit to process by the time you get it to our plant, that’s for sure," he said.

"It's bad enough to have to truck it across the island from various parts of Newfoundland, but if you got to wait in a lineup another four or five hours that's detrimental to the quality of the product."

Two ferries, the Sound of Islay, which fits 15 vehicles, and the Beaumont Hamel, which can hold 33, will be taking over the run from the Winsor.

However, John Green, with the Fogo Island Concerned Citizens Committee, said losing the ferry is a big step backwards.

"What is does, really, it puts us back 30, 40 years," Green said.

"We're going to have to be up in the lineup the day before, or at least the night before, to be able to get on the vessel. It just totally screws up the system."

The Windsor is set to be back on the Fogo Island run in February 2014, but the province is still looking for a permanent replacement.

A request for proposals for a new ferry, as well as a new swing vessel, for the area closed five months ago, but there is no word on a contract.