Despite the drizzle and fog, the Max Athletics Women and Bussey Horwood Lawyers became the women's and men's champions respectively of the 196th Royal St. John's Regatta.

Thousands of people headed to Quidi Vidi Lake for the annual day at the races. 

Max Athletics Women pulled ahead with a winning time of 5:11.83.

The rowers on this crew were Hayley Ivany, Emily Hancock, Stephanie Graham, Megan Fitzgerald, Kirsten McKay, Anna Henley, Emily Peacock, Maria Roach and Morgan Walsh.

Bussey Horwood Lawyers won with a time of 9:14.53.

The rowers on this crew were Benjamin Colbourne, James Cadigan, Adam Kavanagh, Ronnie Whitten, Daniel Cadigan, Craig Whittle, Chris Neary and Brent Hickey.