A Florida man who was convicted earlier this week of causing a liquor-fuelled commotion aboard a transatlantic flight has been released from a Labrador lockup.

Paul Burns, 47, was released after he arranged to pay a $12,000 fine imposed during a court hearing on Wednesday.

Burns had pleaded guilty to endangering the safety and security of an aircraft in flight, in a breach of the Aeronautics Act.

He had been a passenger aboard a Continental Airlines flight between Oslo, Norway, and Newark, N.J., when— after downing a series of drinks of vodka— he became so aggressive that airline staff and passengers had to struggle to restrain him.

The case of air rage triggered an emergencylanding at Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Burns struggled with RCMP officers before they were able to arrest him.

Burns was booked to depart from Happy Valley-Goose Bay on Friday.