Residents of a central Newfoundland town that was devastated by an icy flood five years ago are again anxiously watching water levels.

Badger, which in February 2003 was overwhelmed by flood waters that then froze over, is again under a flood threat from river levels that spiked over the weekend.

Water levels rose two metres between Friday and Monday, and are about a metre from the top of riverbanks.

Badger Mayor Bill Foley said there is no reason for the 800 residents in the town to panic, but officials are concerned as they continuously monitor water levels.

"There's a lot of frazzle in the river — that's loose ice and it's not clumped together to form a barrier," Foley said.

"We're just afraid there's a water buildup behind it, and we're just afraid if it doesn't push through then we could have some flooding into the community."

The 2003 flood produced almost surreal scenes, with sheets of ice covering the town's streets and cars embedded in the ice.

Officials with the Newfoundland and Labrador government and AbitibiBowater are working with the town on a plan to keep people safe if there is another flood.