"How can you not love Christmas music?" asks Laura Winter of the Swinging Belles.

The Swinging Belles — Laura Winter, Erin Power and Duane Andrews — wound up recording Jingle Belles, their first Christmas album, during the summer of 2017.

Which, admitted Winter, tested the boundaries of her love for seasonal songs.  

"You've got the big studio headphones on, and it's 30 degrees outside, and there's sweat trickling down your neck as you sing Jingle Bells," recalled Winter.   

Erin Power said an August excursion to a performance in Cow Head helped keep them in a Yuletide frame of mind.  

We were at a restaurant and they had a little shop,"  said Power.

"They had a little crocheted Christmas hat, a Santa hat, and so we purchased that and it helped."

Hear the Swinging Belles talk with Weekend AM host Heather Barrett about Jingle Belles and all things Christmassy.

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