Allison Crowe relocated from British Columbia to Corner Brook about a decade ago, all the while continuing her international recording and touring career without missing a beat.

"With the Internet, you can kind of be anywhere," she said.

According to Crowe, her new home on the west coast of Newfoundland provides her with plenty of inspiration and opportunity.

"The arts scene is huge here, so it's a perfect place to be."

Crowe blocks out her time to spend several months touring and recording outside the province during the fall and spring. She spends summers and winters performing and working on music in Newfoundland.  

Introducing/Heirs and Grievances, Crowe's new double album, was recorded in the fall of 2015 in Vancouver. Introducing is a live album recorded in concert, and Heirs and Grievances was recorded in a studio around the same time.

Crowe said she tries to be efficient with time and money by preparing a large amount of music to record at one time.

"The more material we get the better, and then we can just pick and choose. But we just wound up with a lot of stuff that we liked, so we go for one live album and one studio album."

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