On Far Cry, Gavin Simms writes 'simple, direct songs'

“I would definitely brand it a heartbreak album, for sure,” says Gavin Simms, of his solo album Far Cry.

Hermitage-born singer-songwriter creates music about human relationships and heartbreak

Gavin Simms' solo album Far Cry explores human relationships and heartbreak. (courtesy Gavin Simms)

"I would definitely brand it a heartbreak album for sure," says Gavin Simms.

Simms' newest album, Far Cry, is a rootsy, soulful exploration of what happens when relationships fall apart.

Simms has been expressing himself through music and songwriting for most of his life. He taught himself how to play guitar when he was a teenager living in the south coast community of Hermitage, and started writing songs at about the same time.

Simms is quick to reassure others that, despite the subject matter of Far Cry, he's doing all right.

"I think I was quite happy when I was writing these songs, and I just wanted to write simple, direct songs that people could relate to because everyone goes through these things."

Have a listen to Gavin Simms' chat with Weekend AM host Heather Barrett.

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