The fire in the Red Bridge Road area of Conception Bay South continues to burn, but the town says the fire is contained. 

It began Sunday night and flared up again yesterday.

The Department of Natural Resources says it has 12 people on the ground fighting the fire's hot spots.

Water bombers have been dumping water on the blaze to try to keep it under control.

Mayor Ken McDonald says the cause of the fire hasn't been determined yet. But many residents think fireworks on Sunday night caused it.

"That very well may have caused it, with the dry weather," said McDonald. "All the permits were in place to do it from the Department of Natural Resources and Forestry, I guess. The person involved in putting off the fireworks is trained— probably the best trained in the province. Natural Resources have told us that at the end of the day, they may not be able to determine what caused it."

Newfoundland issued a ban on open fires on Monday — including fireworks — in and around forested areas because of the hot and dry weather.

McDonald also said the province will investigate the fire and advise the town if fireworks were the culprit. But investigators can't assess the scene until the fire is out and the area is secured.