One of the oldest homes in Grand Falls-Windsor was damaged Thursday after a fire completely destroyed a vehicle parked next to it.

"Had this probably been a newer construction home, I would say the fire would have got in the attic, went up the side of the vinyl siding and it would have been a fair amount of damage," said Grand Falls-Windsor fire chief Vince MacKenzie.

MacKenzie said the fire, which started at 11:30 a.m., showed just how difficult it can be to make sure a fire is actually out. 

He said the fire crew put out the fire and left, but when they returned hours later, it was still going. 

"And this started as just one little wisp of smoke out between the cedar shingles," MacKenzie said. "And we decided to open up the cedar shingles and found out there was no fire there, but we could see the smoke coming out from inside the wall."

McKenzie said firefighters used a chainsaw to rip open the wall and get at a smouldering piece of wood.