George's Lake cabin fire Feb. 27 2014

The cabin was situated on Beaver Pond Road, in the George's Pond area. (Courtesy Fred Sheppard)

A fire completely destroyed a large log cabin on Newfoundland's west coast on Thursday night.

The blaze broke out on Beaver Pond Road in the George's Lake area, which is about 15 minutes west of Corner Brook.

When fire crews arrived around 9 p.m., the unoccupied building had already collapsed.

Officials said the owner is working out of province, and estimate the property to be worth several hundred thousand dollars.

The fire was reported by a man who lives across the lake, who police said after noticing a glow in the area, rode across the lake on his snowmobile to check out what was happening. 

An RCMP fire investigator was scheduled to be at the scene through Friday.