The buoys are in place and final preparations are underway for western Labrador's 41st annual regatta at Jean Lake in Wabush on Friday.

Approximately 140 rowers will be taking part in the race, and Ashleigh Strang, the president of the local rowing association, said there's a big range of ages taking part.

"There's four different divisions — men's and women's - ranging in age from juvenile to masters, and we have rowers as young as 14, 15 years old, and I'm guessing as old as upper 50's," Strang said.

According to Strang, a large group of volunteers are needed to make the event happen.

"We have a volunteer base of about 50 people. They don't row, they don't cox or anything, they just show up on regatta day and help us out," she said.

The Labrador West regatta takes place on the last Friday in July each year and is the second largest regatta race in Newfoundland and Labrador.