"I like to think of myself as the MacGyver of millinery," says Sara Anne Meyer of St. John's.

Meyer is a self-taught milliner, or hat maker, and costume maker.

"I like to look at things and see how I can create it."

Meyer is also a burlesque teacher and performer, and noted retro rockabilly enthusiast.

She has combined those sensibilities with her hat-making skills to make festive fascinators for the Christmas season.  

Wire, nylon, fabric and felt

Meyer constructs each fascinator out of wire, nylon, fabric and felt, adding tree ornaments, fabric poinsettias, and other red and green themed items to each piece of head wear.

"They're a good alternative to a hat, they're a fun little flair to add to your Christmas parties," said Meyer of her colourful creations.

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with files from Mark Cumby