People living on the coast of Labrador will have to wait longer for their first shipment of the season from Lewisporte due to ferry delays.

The Astron was scheduled to pick up freight earlier this week, but wasn't able to because another ferry was already moored where the Astron usually loads.

Peter Adams, with Nunatsiavut Marine, said the Sir Robert Bond ferry was docked in Lewisporte, and couldn't be moved easily.

"It's not quite as simple as just hopping in and backing her off from the dock," he said. "It requires to bring in a qualified and competent crew, people that are familiarized with the vessel. We also would need to bring in a marine pilot, as well."

Adams said the move would have taken a couple of days to complete, so the Astron went to Happy Valley-Goose Bay instead to pick up freight headed for the coast.

It will take several days before the Astron gets back to Lewisporte, and by that time the Bond will be out of the way.