Ferry delays cause some food shortages in parts of N.L.

Some communities are dealing with food delays after high winds forced many delays for Marine Atlantic ferries.
Late trucks expected to cross from Nova Scotia on the Marine Atlantic ferries mean some items on grocery store shelves in Corner Brook are running low. (CBC)

Large amounts of ice and high winds have forced delays this year for Marine Atlantic ferries, and some communities are now dealing with food delays.

Grocery stores and restaurants in Corner Brook have been waiting on produce and meat for their shelves and menus because the trucks can't get across the Cabot Strait.

While some shipments made it across over the weekend, supermarkets had some relatively bare shelves for several days.

Colemans' produce buyer Bryan Bellows said the full shelves at his store Monday were a stroke of luck.
Bryan Bellows, produce buyer for Coleman in Corner Brook, says they've been lucky to have fresh produce back on the shelves so quickly considering the recent ferry delays. (CBC)

"Our highly perishable items like fresh lettuce and fresh berries sometimes tend to run out a little bit, but we have been very fortunate and able to get it back in stock really quick," Bellows said.

Kev Vincent, who works at Newfound Sushi, said he's getting a bit desperate for some of the most in-demand ingredients at his restaurant.

"I'm scouring the grocery stores every day for avocados because my supplier couldn't get them in on time, or couldn't get them, or they were frozen in transport — and if they are frozen I cant use them," Vincent said.

He said on average, his shop goes through 40 avocados a day, so running out of produce isn't really an option if he wants to stay in business.

According to Vincent, changing the destination of cargo may help avoid getting the ferries stuck in ice.

"We have a bigger port in Corner Brook. Maybe if it came into port in Corner Brook — not so much for passengers, but for freight — if we had it come in once a week through Corner Brook. It's a deep water port," Vincent said.