If you're looking for a practical family car, this story probably isn't for you. A luxury Ferrari is up for sale in Corner Brook for a car lover looking for something rare in the province.

The exotic Italian automobile was brought to the island from California by Paul Dyer, who hopes the 1999 Ferrari will find a good home in the province.

Dyer said the car is only the third Ferrari in the province. It has an 8-cylinder engine, and is just shy of 400 horsepower.

"Basically this is a car that has been designed to give you the thrill of driving, so when you drive you feel completely different from driving any other vehicle," said Dyer.

Paul Dyer Ferrari for sale in Corner Brook

Paul Dyer, owner of Marble Auto Gallery, says he thinks there's a market in the province for luxury sports cars. (CBC)

"It's just a great feeling. It's a car that makes you have goosebumps and when you get out you smile, and can't wait for the next ride."

Dyer, who owns Marble Auto Gallery, said the buyer of the Ferrari will get more than just a car.

"A trip for two to Modena, Italy to do the Ferrari experience, to kind of get a better feel of what they just bought and kind of have an idea of the heritage and history and really appreciate the major purchase they just made, and hopefully that will stick with them for years," he said.

While some people may doubt the appeal in Newfoundland and Labrador for a luxury sports car like a Ferrari, Dyer said there are people interested.

"I do believe there is a market here for these types of vehicles. A lot of people told me I was crazy, but every day there is someone spending $60, $70, $80,000 on pickup trucks," said Dyer.

The Ferrari and the trip comes with a $79,000 pricetag.