A comprehensive collection of antique snowmobiles is one of three new exhibits on display at the Botwood Heritage Centre.

The centre officially unveiled the collections on Wednesday.  

The antique machines are a gift from Arch Rowsell, who spent decades in his shed in Botwood fixing them up as a hobby.

Tony Stuckless

Tony Stuckless donated his collection of long guns, which were all built before 1897. (CBC)

Included in the exhibit are a 1965 two-piece snow machine and a 1980s-era side-by-side. 

Rowsell told CBC he felt it was best to donate the collection to the Botwood Heritage Society. 

"So that everybody could see this collection, not just a few people," he said.

The centre claims it now has the largest collection of antique snowmobiles in Eastern Canada.

Thanks to two other donations, the heritage centre has undergone a major expansion this summer. 

A collection of 1940's era furnishings have filled a room, including a chesterfield that was once sat on by Winston Churchill. 

Long gun collection appraised at $100K

Botwood resident Tony Stuckless donated his collection of pre-20th century long guns, something he said he's been doing since he was 15.

"I used to go down and ask around, looking for old guns," said Stuckless. "People would say, 'Take it,' or they would say, 'I don't know, two dollars is enough, five dollars could be enough,' whatever."

'So that everybody could see this collection, not just a few people.' - Arch Rowsell

An appraiser valued the guns at more than $100,000, but Stuckless said he wanted to donate them, rather than make a profit.

"I just wanted to. I didn't want to see the guns broken up, or sold in singles, pieces," Stuckless said.

"I wanted to keep it all together, as a memory to Notre Dame Bay. Most of the guns come from Notre Dame Bay."

The Botwood Heritage Centre is open seven days a week until the end of September.

1940s-era furnishings

1940s-era furnishings, including a chesterfield once sat on by former United Kingdom Prime Winston Churchill, are part of this exhibit at the Botwood Heritage Centre. (CBC)