Millions in federal funding allotted to help build a new lift bridge in Placentia is not jeopardized by ongoing delays in construction, according to the provincial Department of Transportation and Works.

"The funding is not in question," the department said in a statement e-mailed to CBC News. "Once this federal infrastructure money was committed, it remains committed."


Some $8 million in federal funding to replace the Placentia lift bridge is not affected by ongoing delays, provincial officials say. (CBC)

Ottawa has targeted $8 million to help replace the Placentia lift bridge, according to the province.

The cash will come from an infrastructure funding agreement between the two levels of government.

The commitment dates back to 2009, when the province first looked at tendering the bridge replacement.

Tenders were called to replace the bridge in 2011 but the province opted against proceeding after the sole bid came in at $43 million, or nearly double the expected cost.

On Feb. 27, the province banned heavy commercial vehicles from the bridge after concerns were raised during a structural evaluation.

Some $1 million will now be funneled into temporary repairs.

A replacement bridge is expected to be built within the next three years, the province said in a statement. "The Department of Transportation and Works is confident all federal money allocated to this project will be spent."

The federal-provincial infrastructure fund expires in 2016.