Gerald Pike, 45, was charged following a sexual assault on Tuesday night in a parking lot near The Rooms. (CBC)

The father of a teenaged girl had an emotional outburst in court Friday when he came face to face with the man accused of sexually assaulting his daughter.

Gerald Pike, 45, was charged following a sexual assault on Tuesday night in a parking lot near The Rooms.

The father of a 16-year-old girl threatened the accused prior to the beginning of his bail hearing.

"You'll never be safe again as long as you walk," the father told Pike.

As he made the statement, the father made a slashing motion with his finger across his own throat.

The situation got so heated in the courtroom that Pike's lawyer, Jane Fitzpatrick, asked if his client could be taken back to his holding cell.

The bail hearing did not go ahead.

Outside of court, the girl's mother said her daughter is extremely traumatized.

The mother said the daughter was on her way home Tuesday night from a friend's house when Pike allegedly jumped her.

She said her daughter was able to call 911 just before he allegedly assaulted her.

The mother said you can hear her daughter's screams on the phone call to the dispatcher.