A Saudi Arabian man has been ordered to leave the country after he attacked his daughter at a Ches's Fish & Chips restaurant in St. John's last week.

Khalaf Alshaek, 56, threatened to kill his daughter while at the Freshwater Road restaurant after she asked permission to marry a Newfoundlander who converted to Islam.

Alshaek and his daughter then went back to the family home, where he choked her several times.

His daughter, 30, went into the washroom to text her boyfriend, who happened to be at the police station laying charges against Alshaek for the earlier incident at the restaurant.

Officers with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary went to the home and arrested him.

The court was told on Monday that Alshaek felt that his daughter brought shame on his family by not asking permission to have the relationship.

In court on Tuesday, Alshaek pleaded guilty to assaulting and threatening his daughter.

He was sentenced to six days time served, and ordered to leave Canada.

Judge James Walsh also put him on 12-months probation, which would prevent him from having contact with his daughter.

Alshaek was emotional in court and said he, his wife and son wanted to return to Saudi Arabia.

He was in the province to chaperone his daughter while she attended Memorial University, 

It turns out, his daughter had already married. Alshaek said through an interpreter that if he'd known that, it would have changed everything.

Alshaek said he would not longer have been responsible for disciplining his daughter — that would fall to the husband.

He was put on a plane today, bound for the mainland. Alshaek should be back in Saudi Arabia by Friday.

The daughter will stay in the province with her new husband.