A father and daughter duo from New York wrapped up their first year at Targa as a team, but not without a few setbacks.

This year was Don Sawyer's third Targa Newfoundland competition, and he brought his daughter Skye Sawyer for her first year as his co-driver.

"It's been great. We enjoy the time together and we always have gotten along very well and been close, so it was a good experience," he said.

The pair was taken to hospital last week after their Austin Mini spun out of control and crashed into the woods near Clarenville. 

The duo, determined to finish the race, used the family's Volkswagen Golf to make their way back into St. John's on Saturday.

"She did great. She's a trooper. The speed didn't bother her, she just hung in there and called out instructions and did very well," said a proud father.

Skye Sawyer said she's always supported her father with his racing.

"I really love Targa. I've always been supportive. I've made the hero cards and we came and watched last year, and this year he didn't have a co-driver," she said. "I'd actually never even been in the car with him racing at all before this event, so first time."

Despite the crash, she said the trip was a success.

"We're gonna miss the car. We're both okay — we're glad we're okay — but the real tragedy is the Mini didn't make it."