A St. John's city councillor says he's appalled by persistent lobbying from companies trying to undermine a city rule on buffers for fast-food restaurants.


Coun. Tom Hann says persistent lobbying by companies wanting to build drive-thrus is an abomination of the decision-making system in St. John's. (CBC)

Council voted this winter to establish a 15-metre buffer between drive-thru restaurants and neighbouring homes.

But Coun. Tom Hann said private companies have been trying to change the rule, noting there has been a recent notice of motion to reduce the buffer to 10 metres.

"The lobbying has to stop," said Hann, noting some restaurants that have drive-thrus in the city are pressuring city hall.

"I mean, week after week, representatives of the companies have been coming in here and lobbying people all the time," he told CBC News.

The buffer was established after council delayed a proposal for a drive-thru in a residential area, and after there were complaints about a Burger King on Torbay Road where customers place orders just a few feet away from private backyards.

Hann said relentless lobbying is an abomination of the decision-making system.

The motion to reduce the buffer must pass through the hands of the city's development committee. But if it comes before council, Hann said he would "absolutely" vote against it.