FashioNL on skates

For this week's FashionNL, Paula Gale snapped some shots of people skating the Loop at Bannerman Park for CBC's skating party last weekend. What do you think of some of the skating-friendly attire?

I loved going skating at the stadium or on a frozen pond while growing up in the 80s. Besides the fun and exercise, it was a chance to shed the bulky winter coat and wear a fun sweater along with a pair of trendy leg warmers!

I've been wanting to do a FashioNL shoot at the Loop, the new outdoor skating rink at Bannerman Park in St. John's, for a while. I certainly picked the right day.

CBC held a community skating party at the park last Saturday, and the weather was gorgeous! There were tons of people in all kinds of skating attire, including people in fun sweaters and leg warmers. I chose a few of them for this Friday's column. They all deserve a thumbs-up, don't you think?

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Paula Gale

Paula Gale is an associate producer with The St. John's Morning Show.