Nothing says fashion like a good mummer. Really. Every fashion faux pas you can imagine is accepted, encouraged even. And isn't that the essence of good style and fashion? The willingness to take risks? Every year, mummers at the Mummer's Festival parade in St. John's get more creative with their gear. This year's parade was outstanding, especially since it was so cold.

As a child growing up on the west coast of the island in the 1980s, mummering was a Christmas tradition in my family. Everything was disguised. Face, hands, feet…even your voice. There are six people in my family, but if we went mummering we’d take along extra people so the math wouldn’t give us away!

Unfortunately, the tradition seems to be dying out in some parts of the province. For most people living in St. John’s today, the only way to experience mummering is to go the Mummer's Festival.

The whole crowd paraded up to The Rooms where I snapped a bunch of photos. This is pure gender-bending-underwear-on-the-outside-bad-fashion fun!