Farm investigation

Farm owner Tony Barrett watches as a snowplow clears a path to sheds where police and natural resources officials found the bodies of five cows and three sheep. (CBC)

Police have begun a criminal investigation into the discovery of dead livestock on a farm near Winterland on the Burin Peninsula.   

The SPCA alerted police to complaints of howling dogs in the area on a remote road near Winterland. 

When police and natural resources officials arrived at the farm on Monday near midnight, they discovered five cows and three sheep dead inside sheds. 

The SPCA had already removed an injured dog.  

Tony Barrett, the owner of the animals, does not live on the farm, but he was there on Monday night as police searched the property. 

A snowplow had to be called in to clear the long driveway in order to get a vehicle close enough to the sheds for natural resources officials to remove the animals' carcasses. 

Autopsies have been scheduled for the animals, and a vet has been sent to the farm to examine other living animals still in Barrett's care. 

Police said charges could be laid in connection to the incident.