A couple in Little Catalina is upset that the provincial government hasn't honoured an election promise.

The Progressive Conservatives said they would change home care rules so parents could be paid to look after their disabled children.

Louise and Paul Stead were elated with this news - their daughter Courtney, 16, is severely disabled.

When she isn't in school, the province pays for a respite worker to look after her.

However, the couple is disappointed with developments - of lack thereof - in the house of assembly this week.

Louise is unemployed. When she does have a job, she's a home care worker for someone else.

The province is paying for Louise to look after someone, while also paying someone else to look after her daughter.

"Why can't they pay me? It don't make sense," she said. "But what do the government do right? Nothing."

During the election last year, the Tories promised to make changes to the home care system.

Paul Stead said it was a life-changing promise and that the pressure taken off their shoulders would be immense.

But after a year of waiting, no changes have come.

"Don't make promises to the sick and the family that you're going to do something if you're not intent on doing it," he said.

The NDP presented a petition about this issue in the legislature this week.

MHA Gerry Rogers asked the premier when she was going to follow through on her promise.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale did not directly answer the question.