An internet video falsely labelled as showing a Marine Atlantic ferry is hurting bookings, the Crown corporation says. ((CBC))

A falsely labelled video on the popular YouTube site, showing a ferry heaving in violent seas, is hurting ferry bookings, Marine Atlantic says.

Copies of the video had been posted to YouTube several days ago, with one version mistakenly describing the ferry as the MV Caribou, one of the Crown corporation's ferries connecting Newfoundland with Cape Breton.

Another version simply described the ferry as a Marine Atlantic vessel off Newfoundland.

Tara Laing, Marine Atlantic's communications officer, said the falsely described video has already caused harm.

"It wasn't our vessel, and it wasn't even in North America, and as I hear now it was taken somewhere around 2002," said Laing.

Laing believes the video was shot off the coast of New Zealand.

Although comments on different postings of the video pointed out that the ferry is not one of the Marine Atlantic fleet — the ship, for instance, features a different corporate logo— some passengers have already cancelled reservations, Laing said.

Laing added that Marine Atlantic vessels would not attempt to sail in seas as rough as those shown in the internet video.