This week's On Point political panel weighed in on three big issues — John Crosbie's recent remarks about the Progressive Conservative leadership race; the resignation of a veteran cabinet minister; and new polling numbers.

"If a party cannot put together a democratic and interesting leadership convention, then there is something fundamentally wrong, and this is what has happened," said Crosbie, the often outspoken former Tory cabinet minister, about the leadership process.

The panel, former PC cabinet minister Shawn Skinner, Russell Wangersky of The Telegram and Liberal Party VP John Hogan, discussed Crosbie's comments with host Peter Cowan.

They also spoke on the resignation of veteran cabinet minister Joan Shea, who resigned on June 2. The resignation could have implications for incoming premier Frank Coleman and when he may run in a by-election.

Finally, new polling numbers show the provincial Liberal Party in the lead, but the government's approval rating on the rise. The panel discussed if the PCs can translate this higher approval rating into votes.

To view the episode, click on the video above.