Fabian Manning not ruling out run at Tory leadership

Conservative Senator Fabian Manning isn't saying yes or no to taking a run at the Newfoundland and Labrador Tory leadership.

Manning says he has 'keen interest' in returning to N.L.

Conservative Senator Fabian Manning isn't ruling out a run for Newfoundland and Labrador's Tory leadership.

Manning said he has a keen interest in returning home. He added the opportunity to lead a province that's leading the country is something that he can't just dismiss. 

"You have to have a serious look at it. I'm being encouraged, as I said, by many people throughout the province to take my time to consider it. And that's what I am doing at the present time," Manning said.  

"You know, I've been encouraged by the offers of financial support, of human support. But you know, I'm not at a point yet where I'm willing to make a decision. There's a few things that have to be dealt with."

Manning, who has been a Canadian senator since 2009, said he is waiting for information from the Senate on whether he will be allowed to take a leave of absence to run provincially. He has quit the job in the past to run federally, only to be re-appointed after losing the election.

He said he's also waiting for the P.C. party to lay out the ground rules for the provincial leadership campaign.