Fabian Manning is the latest prospective candidate for the Progressive Conservative leadership to take himself out of the running. 

The Conservative Senator says he appreciates the support that he has received, but his family wants him to stay where he is.

Manning joins a list of potential candidates who have ruled out seeking the PC leadership. Provincial cabinet ministers Darin King, Paul Davis, and Keith Hutchings have already said they will not run, even though each had said they might be interested in the job. 

Fish processor Bill Barry remains the only declared candidate to replace Kathy Dunderdale as party leader. 

Tom Marshall was sworn in as premier after Dunderdale resigned in January. 

Nominations for the race close on March 14. The new leader will be chosen at a July 5 convention in St. John's.

Manning has been an active player in Tory politics for more than two decades. He was first elected to the house of assembly as a PC in 1993.

He served as an MHA from 1993-96 and 1999-2005, sitting as a PC until May 2005 when he was removed from caucus after publicly criticizing his government’s policies on crab management. Manning then sat briefly as an Independent PC.

He was elected as a Conservative MP in 2006 and appointed to the Canadian Senate in 2009, after being defeated in the federal election.