Extreme winds cause damage to Norris Point homes

The brunt of the latest storm to hit the island appears to have passed, and electricity is being restored to the Northern Peninsula communities of Norris Point and Rocky Harbour.

Unofficial winds clocked at 201 km/h

This home in Norris Point sustained damages during a storm that raged through western Newfoundland on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. (Colleen Connors/CBC)

Electricity was restored Thursday in the communities of Norris Point and Rocky Harbour on the Northern Peninsula, after a ferocious blizzard with winds topping 200 km/h stormed through the area.  

Newfoundland and Labrador Hydro said customers were slowly being brought back at 4 p.m. Full power was restored on Thursday night. 

The utility said the 16-hour outage was caused by problems with equipment, following severe weather that hit the island on Wednesday night, which also slowed restoration times.  Electricians traveling to Rocky Harbour were delayed due to harsh road conditions on the Northern Peninsula. 

Hydro estimated about 1,100 customers were without power.

In addition to the snow, extreme winds were felt in Norris Point. An unofficial weather observation site in the town clocked wind speed at 201 kilometres an hour shortly before midnight.

A number of homes were also damaged.

This home in Norris Point sustained damage to its roof and lost a large piece of its deck, which was the length of the house. (Courtesy Ian Stone)
"People with a few shingles gone, people got some siding gone, and a few signs were blown down," Rocky Harbour Mayor Walter Nicolle told CBC. 

According to Nicolle, power was lost Wednesday night during the height of the storm in both Norris Point and Rocky Harbour. 

Nicolle said his town was prepared in case the outage dragged on.

"We do have a backup if we need to use it and if it stays cold. We got a generator and that for the community centre, so we could invite people in there for a coffee or to warm up," he said.