A forensic anthropologist showed the jury in the David Folker murder trial Thursday injuries discovered on Ann Marie Shirran's skull after her remains were discovered in early Sept. 2010.

Folker, 42, is charged with the second-degree murder of Shirran. He is also charged with performing an indignity to a human body.

Dr. Sonja Jerkic was the first expert witness to take the stand during the second-degree murder trial.

Jerkic told the court that Shirran's skull had "breaks" and fracture lines on the right side near the ear hole.

She testified there was evidence of trauma on the left side of the skull near the base.

Many of the bones were damaged due to animals chewing them.

Three rib bones, two vertebrae bones and most bones in the feet and hands were never recovered. Dr. Jerkic suggested that animals had likely taken them.

Reporter Ariana Kelland is filing update from Supreme Court in St. John's.