A portion of the Trans-Canada Highway in western Newfoundland won't be back to normal until later this year.

One of the exits to the town of Pasadena collapsed this spring. Another exit showing signs of instability was shut down.

The Transportation and Works department has diverted traffic around a stretch of the divided highway in the area for the time being.

Transportation Minister Paul Davis said the diversion will remain in place until repairs to both exits are finished.

"We know that it's an inconvenience to the motoring public, but in the interests of safety — the advice that I've been given, I agree with it — we leave that in place until the construction is completed," Davis said.

Davis said some of the work was supposed to be completed before the end of summer, but he said the department is waiting on a paving crew.

No one was injured when the ramp collapsed in late April.

High water levels at nearby Deer Lake was said to have contributed to erosion of the soil holding up the ramp.

There had been heavy rains in the area in the week leading up to the collapse.