A St. John's woman who escaped from sheriff’s officers in May has been sentenced to just over a year for that, and other charges.


Kimberly Parkinson escaped from sheriff's officers during a routine prisoner transfer in downtown St. John's in May. (CBC)

Kimberly Parkinson made her escape on May 6 — her 39th birthday.

She was being taken back to the lockup in a van with other inmates.

When a sheriff opened the door, another inmate fell out and was apparently hurt. As officers attended to her, Parkinson made her getaway. 

They only realized she was gone when they did a head count.

Parkinson was picked up the next day.

On Friday, she pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody, as well as to stealing jewelry from a kiosk at the Avalon Mall.

Between $1,500 and $2,000 worth of merchandise was taken and never recovered.

Parkinson also admitted stealing perfume and sneakers from Sears. When she was caught outside the store, Parkinson told security her girlfriend was inside stealing items. She was also charged.

Parkinson also stole expensive sunglasses from a store on Lemarchant Road.

She told the court her crimes were to get money to feed her addictions to cocaine and opiates.

With credit for time served, Parkinson has about 11 months left in her sentence. She will be on probation for two years after that.