A lightning strike and subsequent fire on top of Marble Mountain that destroyed the top of a chair lift also affected a piece of Environment Canada's weather gear.

An Environment Canada Doppler radar on top of the mountain has no power after the lightning struck the mountain on Aug. 8.

The radar, one of only two in Newfoundland and Labrador, is used by meteorologists to track precipitation.

Marble Mountain chair lift damaged

A chair lift at Marble Mountain was heavily damaged by a fire that started after a lightning strike on Aug. 8. The fire also damaged lines to an Environment Canada Doppler radar, one of only two in Newfoundland and Labrador. (Submitted by Ken Abbott)

Environment Canada's Dale Foote said the radar has been offline since lightning struck the mountain.

"That fire has damaged the communications cables for the radar and power source, so technicians are working on that now as we speak," he said.

The cables for the radar were on top of the chair lift, so when fire damaged the top of the lift, it cut off power to the Doppler.

Foote said the radar was shut off at the time of the lightning strike due to scheduled maintenance, but they're built to handle a beating from bad weather.

"The radars are designed to withstand lightning, so we are still thinking now that the radar itself is fine," he said.

Foote said crews are still working to restore power and communication cables. They're aiming to have the work completed by Wednesday.

A controlled restart of the Doppler will take place once cables are fixed, to assess any potential damage that was caused by the lightning strike and fire.