End in sight for used tire stockpile

The rubber will finally be hitting the road for the province's stockpile of old vehicle tires.

Multi-Materials Stewardship Board says cost should come in slightly under budget

The province's tire stockpile (shown in a 2008 file photo) will soon be no more. (CBC)

The rubber is finally hitting the road for the province's stockpile of used tires.

Nearly two million tires had been stored at a yard near Placentia. But 65 per cent of them have been shipped to Quebec, where they're being burned in kilns for fuel by a concrete manufacturer.

The last load of tires is expected to leave Newfoundland early next spring.

Between 600,000 and 700,000 tires remain at the yard today.

"We anticipate that the project will come in under budget, slightly under budget," said Mike Samson, CEO of the Multi-Materials Stewardship Board.

"Maybe at about $4.3 million against the original estimate of $4.5 [million], so we're pleased."

And once the last load is gone, there will be no more stockpiling of tires.

They will be stored in shipping containers until they can be moved out of the province.