Empty lots in Labrador City an eyesore for residents

Some residents in Labrador City say empty building lots are becoming more of an eyesore the longer they sit vacant.
A section of vacant lots in Labrador City has some people in the neighbourhood upset, and saying the town should be doing more to maintain the area until someone buys it. (CBC)

Some residents in Labrador City say empty building lots are becoming more of an eyesore the longer they sit vacant.

The town had planned to hold a lottery to sell the empty lots off for much-needed affordable housing, but the province said that would have violated municipal laws and put a stop to it.

Julie Misson, who lives nearby, said people in the area are getting sick of the lots sitting empty.
Julie Misson says the town is ticketing property owners for not maintaining their buildings properly, yet not taking proper care of the town's vacant lots. (CBC)

She said the town isn't meeting its own standards it expects from other property owners.

"You got people driving around town giving you letters for unfinished buildings on your property when this is what you're actually looking at, day in, day out. It's a crock of you-know-what and we're sick of it," said Misson.

Misson said it's not just the aesthetics she has a problem with.

"All the crevices and everything in there, before you know it someone is going to have a broken leg, a broken arm — it's bound to happen," she said.

Mayor Karen Oldford said the serviced lots are no different than other to-be-developed land in the province, and will stay as they are until they are sold and developed.

"I do understand and sympathize with them. I really would want to have the houses on the lots so they wouldn't be contending with that, and that's hopefully what will happen as soon as possible," she said.

Oldford added she expects council will deal with the issue at a meeting some time next week.