Ron Ellsworth declared his candidacy Wednesday for the St. John's mayoral race. ((CBC))

St. John's Deputy Mayor Ron Ellsworth said Wednesday he will run for the city's top job this fall, challenging Mayor Dennis O'Keefe.

"I want to serve my community," Ellsworth said at the announcement Wednesday. "I'm just the guy next door who at this point in his life has an opportunity to commit for the next four years to be full-time, devoted to running our city."

Ellsworth, a fiscal conservative who has clashed with O'Keefe over spending matters in the past, has been a St. John's city councillor for the past four years.

O'Keefe says polls that he's commissioned puts him far ahead of Ellsworth in popularity among St. John's voters.

Speaking with reporters after his announcement, Ellsworth says he's only concerned about how people vote when it counts.

"The only poll that we are really interested in at this point is the one Sept. 29," said Ellsworth.

That's election day in St. John's.

No other candidates have come forward for the mayor's position.