Opposition Leader Dwight Ball says the electrical review that the governing Tories are planning has already failed, because it does not give the public the opportunity to have its say.

"After missing their deadlines by over a month, government finally released an RFP [request for proposals] for the review of the Newfoundland and Labrador electricity system," Ball told the House of Assembly Tuesday.

"The words 'public consultation' are not in the document," said Ball. 

The review is intended to look at how electrical power is generated, distributed and managed across the province, particularly as Muskrat Falls comes online over the next four years.

The government posted a request for proposals on Monday evening.

Ball said the process will be a waste of time, especially if there are no plans for public engagement.

Not necessary: Dalley

Natural Resources Minister Derrick Dalley said the public will have the ability to talk about the electrical system through the separate review by the Public Utilities Board, which is examining how the island's system failed in early January.

"No particular reason not to or do public consultation, other than we respect the process of the PUB," Dalley said.

Ball was not persuaded.

“It is clear this review by government is nothing but a distraction from the ongoing review of the Public Utilities Board. Government has not indicated an overall budget, an estimate for this work, or the timelines for its completion."

Dalley said the review is expected to be completed before Muskrat Falls comes online in 2017.