Education Minister Clyde Jackman says elections for the new amalgamated school board will most likely not happen this fall, as originally planned.


Education Minister Clyde Jackman says a transition team does not think elections for a new board can be held this fall. (CBC)

The government, which is combining Newfoundland and Labrador's four English-language school boards into one this September, had wanted elections for a new board to take place in the fall, after a transition team completed its work.

The decision to collapse the boards into one was announced in March's budget. 

But Jackman indicated the transition team does not believe that the original target for a new election is realistic.

"They're saying that they don't think the election can be held in the fall," Jackman told CBC News.

"There's work that's continuing and ongoing [with the transition], and then, you know, the preparation that has to be done for a school board election. They don't think that it's possible."

Jackman said the government remains committed to holding elections for the volunteer trustees who will oversee the new board.