An elderly couple in Portugal Cove-St. Philip's says construction near their home is draining their water supply.

Edna and Edgar Spurrell have lived in their house that overlooks Bell Island for the past 40 years, but they haven't been able to get water from their well since May.

They blame it on the digging and building that's taking place at a new subdivision nearby, called Ocean's Edge Estates.

The Spurrells collect rain water for cleaning and bathing

The Spurrells have been collecting rain water for cleaning and bathing. (CBC)

"Then, all of a sudden, that construction started up there all last summer, all this summer. And the well will fill up. Edgar'll have a shower, I'll have a shower, go up, and the well is gone down again," Edna Spurrell said.

The Spurrells, who are in their late 70s, have been collecting rain water for cleaning and bathing.

"We just have a sponge bath. Edgar got a bucket out under the drain pipe out there and we catch the water for washing and cleaning. You can't do anything cause you can't waste water. It's a hard way to live," she said.

"You don't realize how much water you use 'til you haven't got any."

A relative drops off clean drinking water for the couple.

The Spurrells want the town council to pay for a new well. Current Mayor Bill Fagan said the town is looking into the issue.