The CEO of Nalcor says the company is expecting to release the final costs for the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric mega-project near the end of June.

Ed Martin said once the cost of the project becomes more clear, he should also have some details about any potential cost overruns.

Nalcor started its annual general meeting on Wednesday in St. John's.

Martin added the company will be discussing the mass outages in January that left over 100,000 people on the island without power.

"I think it's entirely appropriate to talk about it [the January outages]. We're very clear that we caused significant disruption and hardship to people, and we apologize for that — we've been clear on that from the outside," he said.

"We're doing a tremendous amount of work, but there's no question we're going to have to come out over the course of the next several months with regular updates, let people know exactly what's going on. If we're well ahead of things, good, if not, we're gonna have to let people know. We have to give a clear picture of where we are as we enter the winter season, and I commit to do that."

Martin said it's too early to comment on any possible changes to customer power bills.