A St. John's businessman and member of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board plans to appeal his conviction for dangerous driving.

Ed Drover had pleaded guilty to striking two workers with his Range Rover on a construction site at Rawlins Cross in August 2010.

Other charges — two counts of assault with a weapon (his vehicle) and failing to stop his vehicle after being involved in an accident, with intent to escape civil or criminal liability — were dropped.

In February, provincial court Judge James Walsh gave Drover an absolute discharge and a $1,500 fine for the dangerous driving conviction.

Now Drover's lawyer, Bob Simmonds, says a new witness has come forward with new information after seeing media coverage of the court proceedings in February.

“After the appellant entered the said guilty plea and was sentenced, the appellant and appellant’s counsel became privy to information which, had they been privy to before entering the said guilty plea, neither the appellant nor the appellant’s counsel would have entered the guilty plea,” his court filings note.

Drover wants a new trial.

The matter will heard by a Supreme Court judge next month.