A St. John's businessman and member of the province's offshore petroleum board pleaded guilty to one count of dangerous driving.

The charges against Ed Drover date back to an August 2010 incident when he drove his vehicle through a construction site in Rawlins Cross in St. John's.

Drover struck two people with his Range Rover — a city worker and a flag person — when they tried to stop him.

The court heard on Friday that following the incident, Drover went to his office in Churchill Square and contacted the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary about what happened.

He was given an absolute discharge in provincial court on Friday along with a $1,500 victim fine surcharge.

"All I want to say is I'm sorry for all the trouble this has caused," Drover told the court.

Drover was originally charged with two counts of assault with a weapon — his vehicle — and failing to stop his vehicle after being involved in an accident, with intent to escape civil or criminal liability. Those charges were dropped.