The leader of the provincial New Democratic Party has questioned management oversight at Eastern Health, following the release of the auditor general's report on Thursday.

The report points to problems with annual and paid leave, as well as sick leave, stating that there's a lack of oversight in proper approval and documentation, and that it's not being adequately monitored. 

Lorraine Michael points to the report's concerns and said it's a sign that cuts at Eastern Health are too deep.

"I think we do have to ask the question, you know, 'Are we keeping at least enough people there to make sure that we can do oversight of things like overtime?' because that stuff has to be monitored and it takes human beings to monitor it," said Michael.

"Have we thrown out the baby with the bathwater with some of the cutbacks that have happened? Because when you see this kind of thing going on, it's generally because there isn't oversight."

Eastern Health is in the middle of a three-year cost-cutting program to trim almost $50 million from its budget.