Schools in the St. John's metro area and other parts of the Avalon Peninsula remained closed for the day Thursday as an early February storm passed through the region.

About 30 centimetres of snow fell on the capital city and eastern sections of the Avalon overnight and into the morning.

But it was for the most part light snow, making it easier to move and move through.

Memorial University, the Marine Institute, and the St. John's and Seal Cove campuses of College of the North Atlantic, which had closed for the morning, were due to reopen at 1 p.m.

Both provincial and supreme courts were closed for the morning, but also said they would open Thursday afternoon. Many businesses and city services were following suit.

Just as the snow was moving out, frigid temperatures and high winds were beginning to move in.

"We're starting to see gusts in the 35- to 40-kilometre-an-hour range, and they'll continue to strengthen over the next couple of hours. We're looking at gusts approaching 60 km/h, so that's going to start blowing that snow around a bit more," said Environment Canada's Rodney Barney at the Gander weather office.​

The winds, combined with temperatures in the -15 C range, were expected to create a wind chill of -25 C by Thursday afternoon.