Easter Seals unveils anti-bullying book

A group from the Easter Seals employment program has launched a book they wrote about violence awareness.

A group from the Easter Seals employment program launched a book Monday about violence awareness.

Stopping Bullying is as Easy as ABC explores different anti-violence themes, with the aim of teaching young children to respect their peers.

Hailey Wadden, one of the co-authors of the book, says there are lots of different forms of bullying. CBC

Hailey Wadden, one of the book's contributors, was at St. Teresa's school in St. John's to read excerpts to a group of Grade 2 students.

Wadden said everyone involved with the book experienced at least one form of bullying.

"[My bullying] was pretty much emotional, but lately I find people have been physically bullied to where they're to the point of wanting to harm themselves," she said.

Education Minister Clyde Jackman said the provincial government is trying to do more to follow up on strategies to prevent bullying.

"I think, generally, we as a society want to take on the message [of violence awareness]," Jackman said.

"Getting out at events such as this just plays right into that, and the more we do of that, the better we make it for everyone."

Stephanie Pelley, one of the students at the presentation, understands the message.

"I learned that you should treat everybody the same as everybody else, even if they're different," she said.

Targets youth

Jackman said young students are learning about those concepts earlier than people may realize.

"I think if you speak to students that are in the school, even at this young age, they're starting to understand what respect means. And they are certainly getting the message," he said.

"And if we are ever going to cure society of all [violence], this is how we do it - through education."

Wadden said her experiences have made her a stronger person.

"My experiences ... they changed me a lot because they made me grow as a person and it just made me realize that I can't really change myself," she said.

"I am who I am, and if people don't like it then that's just sad, but the right people like you for who you are."