Dunderdale slams opponents of Muskrat Falls - again

Speaking at the annual provincial PC convention in Gander Friday, the premier criticised opposition to Muskrat Falls.
N.L. Premier Kathy Dunderdale slammed opposition to Muskrat Falls hydro project during a speech at the annual provincial PC convention. 40:58

The provincial conservative party kicked off its annual convention in Gander Friday night.

Premier Kathy Dunderdale took the opportunity to once again hammer away at opponents of the Muskrat Falls hydro project.

Dunderdale says the province's future depends on hydro development.

She says the only opposition she's heard is not constructive and doesn’t offer suggestions of viable alternatives.

"Where we have confidence they have fear," said Dunderdale, in a fiery speech delivered at the PC convention.

"While we are building they are warning that the sky is falling, instead of planning for our brighter future. They are willing to sit in the dark, but I’m not, and you’re not, and we will not," pronounced Dunderdale, whose words were met with applause from convention attendees.

The Tories have an uphill battle ahead of them to gain back the support they've lost since former premier Danny Williams resigned.