Dunderdale promises details on $90M mystery fund

Premier Kathy Dunderdale has vowed to release details on a $90-million business fund, which has only been vaguely described so far.

NDP presses for information about business fund announced in provincial budget

Premier Kathy Dunderdale says she will not release details on a $90-million business program until negotiations are completed. (CBC)

Premier Kathy Dunderdale vowed Monday to release details on a $90-million business fund included in the provincial budget, even though only vague terms have been used to describe it so far.

Under questioning in the house of assembly, Dunderdale said she did not want to put ongoing negotiations into jeopardy.

"Hopefully, we will be able to do it shortly, but not five cents of that money was going to be spent without the people of the province knowing on what it was spent," Dunderdale told MHAs.

"We have not spent five cents. When we do, we hope you will get here in the house of assembly and laud us for another good judgment on behalf of the people," she added.

The $90 million is listed under the Department of Finance's line items for unspecified business opportunities, and to promote industrial development.

Michael: MHAs should know before vote

NDP Leader Lorraine Michael said all MHAs, and not just those in cabinet, should be told what the $90 million is for before they vote on budget bills.

"The people of the province have no idea what plans the premier has for the $90 million and she is not telling us again now. I am sure they know it will not be spent on worthy projects like ABE [adult basic education], wildlife, public libraries, or a host of other important services," said Michael, listing some of the services that have sustained cuts through the March 26 budget.

"Does she really expect her backbenchers to vote yes on the spending of $90 million when she will not explain to their constituents what it is going to be spent on?" asked Michael.

Dunderdale did not commit to a timeline for revealing details on the fund.