The Royal Newfoundland Constabulary is crediting the public with helping catch seven drunk drivers in a 12-hour period in the St. John's area.

On Wednesday, five people were arrested and two more had their licences suspended for impaired driving.

The arrests occurred all over the greater metro area, with the vast majority of incidents taking place in the middle of the afternoon.

RNC Const. Dave Hutchings said it goes to show that drunk driving should always be a public concern, no matter the time of day.

"I guess it used to be thought of, years ago, that impaired drivers were people who were out on a weekday night or weekend night and made a poor decision on driving," Hutchings told CBC.

"It's actually people who can be out any time of the day or night, and fortunately we're being able to take them off the roads before they hurt themselves or someone else."

Tips from the public led to all seven of the arrests and citations for impaired driving.